Contemporary Visions 2019

In situ image February 2019 courtesy of Damian Griffiths
In situ image February 2019 courtesy of Damian Griffiths
In situ image February 2019 courtesy of Damian Griffiths
In situ image February 2019 courtesy of Damian Griffiths
In situ image February 2019 courtesy of Damian Griffiths
In situ image February 2019 courtesy of Damian Griffiths
In situ image February 2019 courtesy of Damian Griffiths
In situ image February 2019 courtesy of Damian Griffiths
(Andreea Anghel) Us Too (Dark Web 2) (2018) Mixed Media on Canvas 180x143cm
(Andreea Anghel) Untitled (Conglomerate) (2018) Mixed Media on Canvas 130x96cm
(Tintin Cooper) Untitled Temple II (Night Version) (2018) Ink, Glaze and Acrylic on Ceramic Tiles on Board 108x92cm
(Anthony Keith Giannini) Table Top Still Life (Residuum 3) (2018) Acrylic and Silkscreen on Canvas 196x239cm (Diptych)
(Anthony Keith Giannini) Remnant (Ennumerate 3)(2018) Acrylic and Silkscreen on Canvas 213x153cm
(Anthony Giannini) Still Life Landscape (Trepidation 2) (2018) Acrylic and Silkscreen on Canvas 76x102cm
(Anthony Giannini) Figure In A Landscape (Dusk) (2018) Acrylic and Silkscreen on Canvas 76x102cm
(Anthony Giannini) Remnant 5 (2018) Acrylic and Silkscreen on Canvas 28x22cm
(Anthony Giannini) Remnant 10 (2018) Acrylic and Silkscreen on Canvas 28x22cm
(Julius Hofmann) 1080ti (2018) Mixed Media on Paper 30x21cm (framed)
(Julius Hofmann) Blue Canon (2018) Mixed Media on Paper 30x21cm (framed)
(Julius Hofmann) Labor (2018) Mixed Media on Paper 21x30cm (framed)
(Julius Hofmann) Woman In A Bar (2018) Mixed Media on Paper 21x30cm (framed)
(Vojtech Kovarik) In The Heat Of The Night (2018) Acrylic on Canvas 200x200cm
(Vojtech Kovarik) Thrilla In Manilla (2018) Acrylic on Canvas 200x200cm
(Vojtech Kovarik) Cleopatra (2018) Acrylic on Canvas 28x34cm
(Vojtech Kovarik) Olympia (2018) Acrylic on Canvas 200x200cm
(Vojtech Kovarik) Olympia (2018) Acrylic on Canvas 250x200cm
(Vojtech Kovarik) Escape (2018) Acrylic and Spray on Canvas 180x135cm
(Vojtech Kovarik) Judith (2018) Acrylic on Canvas 200x200cm
(Nico Krijno) Composition With Reference Material (2019) Inkjet Print 104x95cm (framed) Ed. 1/3
(Nico Krijno) Untitled (Paarl Stacks) (2015) Inkjet Print 137x112cm (framed) Ed./5
(Nico Krijno) Flowers For My Brother (2016) Inkjet Print 84x69cm (framed) Ed. 5
(Vicente Matte) Axis I (2017) Wood & Ceramic 46x18.5x18.5cm
(Vicente Matte) Axis 4 (2017) Wood & Ceramic 44.5x14x14cm
(Vicente Matte) Axis 5 (2017) Wood & Ceramic 48.5x14x14cm
(Vicente Matte) Axis 7 (2017) Wood & Ceramic 63x30x30cm
(Vicente Matte) Pilar Y Juana (2017) Distemper on Canvas 190x140cm
(Vicente Matte) Taller (2018) Distemper on Canvas 170x134cm
(Kim Nuijen) Original Copy Number II: Selfie Hand Anatomy (2018) 4K Animation on 55 Inch Screen
(Padma Rajendran) About To Enter (2018) Acrylic, Felt, Polyester, Silk and Stitching on Fabric 144x104cm
(Ruohong Wu) A Bad Mass Production piece No. 2 (2018) Handstictched Hanging Textile, Silk and Cotton 180x150cm

Contemporary Visions 2019 
Preview: Friday 1 March 2019 (6-8pm) 
Exhibition: 2 - 30 March 2019 

Available Works Catalogue HERE
The annual Contemporary Visions open exhibition has become something of an institution in the East London art calendar - opening each year with a presentation of artists, selected by a changing jury of industry professionals, which intends to identify new trends, names, and talents in art. This year, the ethos changed ever slightly, and put a focus on work that truly challenged and questioned the definition of 'contemporary art' in the current artistic and social climate. This year, the jury has prioritized artists from different cultural, and geographical perspectives, and allowed (the ever prevalent discipline of) 'painting' to comfortably assume something of a lesser role, and included textile, sculpture, video, mixed-media, and other art forms and practices that challenge our expectation of what art - and this exhibition in particular - is willing to present. 

Andreea Anghel
Tin Tin Cooper
Anthony Keith Giannini
Julius Hofmann
Vojtech Kovarik
Nico Krijno
Vicente Matte
Kim Nuijen
Padma Rajendran
Ruohong Wu

**This year, the jury consisted of:

Kurt Beers, gallery Director and author of 100 Painters of Tomorrow (UK); 
Claus Busch Risvig, Collector, Sikeborg (Denmark); 
Katy Hessel, Curator & Founder of @thegreatwomenartists London (UK); 
Kate Mothes, Curator and Art Blogger of Young Space, Wisconsin (USA); 
Nicolas Sassoon, 2018 Contemporary Visions exhibitor, Vancouver (Canada); 
John Wolf, Art Advisor and Curator, Los Angeles (USA).


Andreea Anghel

Andreea Anghel creates both installation and two-dimensional works. The latter contain collaged elements–plasticine, clay, rope, wire–built upon large, digitally printed surfaces, resulting in a body of work that treads the line between the digital and the tangible.

ANDREEA ANGHEL (b. 1990, Romania) lives and works in Wroclaw, Poland. She graduated with a Bachelor of Graphic Arts from UAD Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in 2012; and a Master of Experimental Graphics and Printmaking from ASP Wroclaw, Poland, in 2015. Selected exhibitions include: Sanguinaccio Dolce - Kitchen For A Despicable Ruse, Atelier 35, Bucharest, Romania (2019); Media Art Festival Arad 5th Edition: De Rerum Natura, Arad Museum Complex, Arad, Romania (2018); Every Artist is a Cannibal, NEW NOW Artspace, Frankfurt, Germany (2018); and Plymouth Contemporary Open, Peninsula Art Gallery, Plymouth, UK (2017).

Tin Tin Cooper 

Tin Tin Cooper's works are lighthearted appropriations of images from popular culture. Cooper builds upon her cartoonish illustrations with mixed media (such as neon lights, shutter blinds, and ceramic tiles) in order to deconstruct both their visual structure and their meaning.

TIN TIN COOPER (b. 1982, Thailand) lives and works between Berlin and Bangkok. She holds both a BA and MA in Fine Art from Slade School of Fine Art, London, UK. Solo exhibitions include: Pool, Artist + Run Gallery, Bangkok Biennial (2018); Tintin Cooper,, Vienna, Austria (2015); and Love the Dogs, Tootyung Art Centre, Bangkok, Thailand (2010). Group exhibitions include Monologue/Dialogue: Mysticism & Insecurity, Koppel Projects, London, UK (2017); 31 Women, Philipp Pflug Contemporary, Frankfurt, Germany (2016); and Bits n Bytes, Galerie Martina Detterer, Frankurt, Germany (2016).

Anthony Keith Giannini

Anthony Giannini’s densely layered screen-prints evoke, perhaps, the large-scale prints of Sigmar Polke. Shapes, often containing stark imagery, slot into one another like pieces of a puzzle: each element building up to create orchestrated compositions on the themes of religion, politics, and identity. 

ANTHONY KEITH GIANNINI (b. 1984, Boulder, Colorado) lives and works in Detroit, MI & Bronx, NY. He graduated with a BFA in painting from Michigan State University, USA, in 2007; and an MFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design, USA, in 2012. Solo exhibitions include: TBA, Anna Zorina Gallery, New York, NY (2019); Mess Head, Diane Rosenstein Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2018); and and Field Manual: Confinement and Image Violence, Harmony Murphy Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2015). Group exhibitions include: Selections, Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York, NY (2019); Lucky Draw, The Sculpture Centre, Long Island City, NY (2019); and Et Tu, Art Brute?, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York, NY (2018).

Julius Hofmann 

Serene yet menacing, Julius Hofmann’s paintings merge almost lifelike qualities with something more akin to the digital; as if a photographic file has become corrupted, or a scene has somehow become stuck mid-transition between the real world and that of a computer game. 

JULIUS HOFMANN (b. 1983, Goettingen, Germany) lives and works in Goettingen, German. He graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig, in 2011, having studied under Neo Rauch and Heribert C. Ottersbach. Solo exhibitions include: Under Der Linden, Galerie Kleindienst, Leipzig, Germany (2018); New Positions, Foerderkoje, Art Cologne, Koeln (2018); and Cinematic Cybernetics, Museum der bildenden Kunste, Leipzig, Germany (2018). Group exhibitions include: Colours of Descents (with Robert Seidel and Tobias Hild), G2 Kunsthalle, Leipzig, Germany (2017); Sein.Antlitz.Koerper, Zionskirche, Berlin, Germany (2016); and Your Light is my Darkness (Part III), Gerhard Hofland, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2016).

Vojtěch Kovařík
Vojtěch Kovařík creates paintings on a medley of topics: mythology, pets, boxing, and wild animals (each captured mid-movement) have all surfaced on his large-scale canvasses. His use of striking acrylic colours works harmoniously with the dramatic compositions–each painting’s subject fills the majority of the canvas, almost reducing the work to an arrangement of simple shapes. 

VOJTĚCH KOVAŘÍK (b. 1993, Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic) lives and works in Czech Republic. He graduated with a Bachelor degree at the Faculty of Arts of Ostrava University, Czech Republic, in 2018; and is currently studying for a Masters degree at the same university, having also studied abroad at the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland, in 2017. Solo exhibitions include: Temple of Doom, Berlínskej Model, Praha, Czech Republic (2019); Armagedon, Galerie OFF/FORMAT, Brno, Czech Republic (2018); and Persons, 123 Gallery, Praha, Czech Republic (2017). Group exhibitions include: 12th Prize of Art Critique for Young Painting, Galerie Kritiků, Praha, Czech Republic (2019); Three Brothers, 3.Etáž, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Czech Republic (2018); and 4 + 4 Days in Motion, Desfourský palác, Praha, Czech Republic (2018).

Nico Krijno

Deliberately non-sequitur in style, form, and aesthetic, Nico Krijno weaves between photography, sculpture, painting and performance: explorating not only these methods of creation, but the spaces inbetween. 

NICO KRIJNO (b. 1981, Somerset West, South Africa) lives and works in Wellington, South Africa. Solo shows include: The Fluid Right Edge, Beetles and Huxley, London, UK (2017); New Gestures: Fabricated to be Photographed, Whatiftheworld, Cape Town, South Africa (2015); and Under Construction, The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2015). Group exhibitions include: Unseen Amsterdam, The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2017); Throwing Shapes, Smith Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa (2017); and Contemporary African Art Fair, Pioneer Works, New York, USA (2017).

Vicente Matte

Working with distemper paint on canvas, the works of Vicente Matte are deceptively simplistic compositions of bright shapes. Often depicting playful (yet also somehow ominuous) characters in a variety of scenarios, this aesthetic further extends to his small concrete sculptures.

VICENTE MATTE (b. 1987, Santiago, Chile) lives and works in Santiago, Chile. He studied at Hochschule fur bildende Kunste, Hamburg, Germany. Solo exhibitions include: Giróvago, Galeria The Intuitive Machine, Santiago, Chile (2018). Group exhibitions include: II Encuentro de arte y cultura 13 Jardines, Fundo las Cabras, Requínoa, Chile (2018); Colección Abierta: La suma de los hechos concretos y sus artefactos, Fundación Cultural de Providencia, Santiago, Chile (2018); and XMAS’17: The Annual Winter Group Show, Gallerie Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen, Denmark (2017).

Kim Nuijen

Kim Nuijen’s work concentrate on human behaviour in relation to digital mass media. With a background in advertising, her pieces are often photographic, and could broadly be said to tackle issues surrounding human identity in relation to images.

KIM NUIJEN (b. 1984, The Netherlands) lives and works in The Netherlands. She graduated with a Master of Photography from AKV St-Joost, Den Bosch, in 2018; and a Bachelor of Photography from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague, in 2011. Exhibitions include: False Variations, Unsettled Tensions, Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2019); Original Copy, Currents #6, Good Intentions, Marres, Maastricht, Netherlands (2018); and Bad Girl, Night of Photogaphy, Tbilisi Photofestival, Tbilisi, Georgia (2017).

Padma Rajendran

Having lived in a number of countries from a young age, Padma Rajendran has often seen cultures and their artefacts from the view of an outsider. Through painting, stitching, dyeing and drawing, she tackles issues surrounding femininity, domesticity, and ‘the home’.

PADMA RAJENDRAN (b. 1985, Klang, Malaysia) lives and works in New York, USA. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Bryn Mawr College in 2007, and a Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Rhode Island School of Design in 2015. Selected shows include: No Place Like, Field Projects, New York, USA (2019); Big Link, Young Space at Standard Projects, Hortonville, USA (2018); Rhythm & Rush, Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville, USA (2018); Say Loss, Say Bounty, High Tide, Philadelphia, USA (2018); and I See An Omen, Galleria Benaco Arte, Sirmione, Italy (2018). 

Ruohong Wu

Ruohong Wu is largely known for her sculptural works that reference the cultural gap between bespoke craftsmanship and Chinese mass-production. Her two-dimensional offerings are still somewhat object-based: they are wall hangings, stitched from the silk and cotton discarded at the end of a mass-production cycle–explorations into how value can be reclaimed from the ‘valueless’.

RUOHONG WU (b. 1985, China) lives and works in China. She originally studied at the Architectural Association London, UK, in order to become an Architect. Recent exhibitions include: Somerset House, London, UK (2018); Milan Design Week, Milan, Italy (2015 and 2017); Antwerp Art Weekends, Antwerp, Belgium (2016 and 2017); and JustMad Art Fair, Madrid, Spain (2015).